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Oro carico; olfatto deciso con note minerali, intriso di fiori di camomilla. La vivacità gustativa scandita dalla freschezza di fondo bilancia la cornice vellutata e il finale davvero efficace.

Abbinamento consigliato: carpa alla greca.

Punteggio: 3 grappoli.

Fonte: Guida 2000 Vini
Associazione Italiana Sommelier
Bibenda Editore

I recall the day, as though it were only yesterday, when my father spoke to me of that “ancient art”, of an alchemy practiced since time immemorable to distil the nectar of the gods.

A small winery dug out of the rock in the medieval borgo of our town of Giove.

He told me of how the grapes were picked using ladders and brought to the winery by mule from vineyards, which were often at some distance from the town.


Since then, a number of decades have come and gone but even if things normally change with the passage of time, the passion, and self-sacrifice for this art has remained intact within us.

Thus, cultivating the love for wine passed on to me by my father, I decided to extend and improve our vineyards by planting new but exclusively indigenous vines.

The decision to be a wine-grower was not taken by chance, I was driven by that passion which I have already mentioned and which unites anyone who approaches wine with a free spirit and a sense of deep peace. However, just when I least expected it, a resounding “yes” came my way indicating numerous possibilities.

I was at dinner, one of those enjoyed with friends when a good glass of wine makes the company and the pleasure of being together even better. We ordered some wine, and after having taken a sip one of my fellow diners turned to me and said outright: ”Next time we’ll bring yours and ask the landlord what he thinks of it”.

That was the occasion on which I realized that in order to create a “good wine” so many things are needed, but without doubt “Passion” is the most important.


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